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Just completed commission , a ladder shelf display for an Airstream ! All completed with repurposed wood , pine and doug fir .


“Arrowhead” Figured Local Maple coffee table .

Custom Standing desk just delivered this morning ! Nicely Figured Local Black Walnut with live edge . It measures 48″ wide x 24″ deep x 41″ tall .

3 NEW arrivals@ OUTONALIMB Gallery . #1 is titled “Chest X-ray” , a black walnut top with paper birch base . #2 is a wild Hickory Hall table with Maple branch base . #3 is a Black Walnut Tripod Bench/Table .

Miniature custom chair for a very good client up in Portland , for his little friends to hang out in ! Thanks Steve ! TimB

#7 NEW arrivals to OUTONALIMB Gallery , with an upside down pineapple table smorgasbord all set for delivery !!! TimBcrankinALONG

Local figured maple table with a river of ocean smoothed stones flowing through it , and repurposed headboard legs in classic black. Dimensions 30″ tall x 48″ long 20″ deep . Happy eclipse friends !!! May the sun and moon be with you , not the clouds and smoke . TmBOYden