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Willow Triptych, “Mama, Papa and Baby Bear Chair”

I am throwing these out there as a preview for a show coming later this fall at the Jacob’s Gallery called Small Pleasures . The tinier you go the tougher it gets, nails only get so small and are tough to pick up, ha ha .. Enjoy and Go Ducks, don’t forget your poncho if […]


I am excited to tell you all that we are now offering custom laser engraving for my Endgrain Cutting Boards . Over the years I have sold many of my boards to folks as wedding gifts, but now with the help of a friend I can now offer to have them custom engraved with the […]

Laser Engraved side table .

Maple side table laser engraved by Kristen Walker of Twin Ravens Press . “I have done so much with so little for so long that now I can do anything with nothing .”

Laser Engraved Maple stool

“Enjoy the little things for some day you may realize they were the big things.”

A gentle reminder to let you know we aim to fill that WHIMSICAL place you know you occasionally need to satisfy here at OUTONALIMB GALLERY . We are proud to offer one of a kind creations , some more on the Art end of things while others are more on the just for the fun !!!

My greeting cards come to mind here, I like to think I am creating cards for more unusual occasions than say Hallmark might be, and even some occasions that are out there a bit, ha ha . But if you are asking yourself why would he make such a card , perhaps THAT might not […]

Chinkapin Hall Table new up at OUTONALIMB Gallery . Very unusual subtle colors in this piece , a soft pastel kind of feel in the coloring ! The stone pattern and coloring remind me of clouds in the night sky and a wonderful constellation peaking through .

Table is 16″ Deep x 33″ wide and 35 3/4″ Tall and is $275 at OUTONALIMB Gallery in beautiful downtown Eugene, Oregon at 191 E. Broadway !!

NEW Madrone Hall Table with beautiful bamboo legs painted a very sexy glossy black !

Table is 17″ Deep x 39″ wide and is 34″ Tall and is $250 at OUTONALIMB GAllery !!