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Tim Boyden 4 mins · Where to begin . twas 3:45 am May 30, 1958 , perhaps too far back ,or on the other hand maybe not nearly far enough back ?? Thank you for carrying me along through this transition and into the light of this NEW DAY and truly blessed NEW BEGINNING . CHANGE I LOVE YOU !!!!! Take my hand dear one , I am open and I am willing with peace and love filling every fiber of my being . This past year and into this one has brought me a new roof on my home, a new and improved physical body through healthy diet , repaired hernia , now two new knees blending into my being , a mind at peace , a heart full of love, opTIMysm thru the roof baby , transition beginning at OUTONALIMB Gallery . That’s all I can presently remember in this shining moment .SO thank you all for everything from the very bottom of me heart . Know I couldn’t have done it all without you and I look forward to the moments to come when I will knock on your door and ask , how may I help dear ???? WE GOT THIS loves . sincerely, Timothy JOSEPH boyden


#2 Local Figured Maple side tables with cedar branch legs & inlaid ocean smoothed stones .

Myrtle wood Coffeee Table REDO with ocean stone and petrified wood inlaid. Originally this had traDITIONAL black metal base@ dining height , due to a new need in a new home the client brought it back to me to remove the base and make it a coffee table for the new home ! And I will reuse the black base for a new creation for someone else .

Local Maple Figured with Purple Heart inlaid , legs are stripped bark cedar branch .

Red Twig Dogwood Blue Heron , arms outstretched Joy,Whistling Love and yours truly spreading the love or shoud I say Kindness ! Thank you all for your support , sincerely, Tim Boyden

Driftwood Gator , EYE SEA YEW ” !!

White oak “Nest Egg ” , Juniper slice stool with baseball bat legs and Gingko Bench