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Repurposed Chair Sale @ 1568 Fairmount Blvd , Eugene Tim’s Orange Abode this Sat/Sun June 15, 16 from 10-4 ish ! It will be pretty laid back as I am easing my way back into my work , still on this new repurposed knee journey . A little of this and quite a bit of that , perhaps a nice saying for DAD !!! Last shot here was my Dad as a young lad . By the way I love drive by drop ins , and feel free to call or email for a scheduled visit (541)342-5937 Love , Tim Boyden


2 new Floor Lamps.Technical challenges with for lamps: heavy enough of a base to not be tippy and hiding the cord somehow ? Last couple of shots show process of free hand routing a channel in the branch , thus hiding the cord .

Beautiful Petite chair a friend gifted me , it had a broken cane woven set , which I replaced with a matched mahogany solid wood seat . Thanks Marco !

“Purple Cherry Surprise ” , Ode to a Cherry Coke @ Walgreens with Grandma Walters back in Gary , Indiana early 1960’s , and a lovely song by Nancy Griffith !!! timmyBreminiscing

“We’re All Corkscrewed & BAMBOOzeled Willow Throne ” . A dumpster found chair , given new life , hard to keep willow and bamboo from growing , ha ha …

“Three Stripes and You’re Out “, a childhood baseball reference . Repaired beautiful olde rocker , with newly rustically upholstered seat (a curtain) , blended house paints .

Repurposed chair with hand cut cherry twig tenons and ocean smoothed stones inlaid in the arms .