Monthly Archives: February 2014

Quilted Maple End Table with stones inlaid and driftwood shelf below.


Cherry Side Table with inlaid stone swirl .

It is knot too late to come check out our Feb. Guest Artist at OUTONALIMB GALLERY , Huali !! Besides I could use some visitors ….

Naptime at the Boyden’s residence, the space in the middle is already reserved in case you were wondering !! Styarting with SIRcedar the golden and going clockwise it is then Tucker, Kinky and Walter . Here’s to our wonderful animal friends ! TimmyB !!

From me to you , fr today and every day I wish you LOVE< LOVE<LOVE, from timmyB the incurable romantic !!!

<img src=”; class=”size-full” alt=”From me to you , fr today and every day I wish you LOVE< LOVE

Thought this wood be an appropriate saying for this beautiful snow day , hope you are all out building snowwomen and generally playing hookie !!

YINyang Mandolin created from a piece of root I found along the Willamette River one day out for a walk . Along witha broken piece of a 12 string guitar found in a dumpster . Hope you enjoy it . Love, timmyB r