Monthly Archives: September 2015

Brand new and larger than life MAP by David Imus , it has to be seen to get the scale here , and it is wonderfully printed giclee reproduction on canvas . Rest of the gallery looks pretty good also if I don’t say so myself , and I am pretty sure I just did !!! Love, timBOYden



NEW cedar dog table coming to OUTONALIMB tomorrow !! Yes to me when I look down upon this table top I see a sweet golden retrievers head ! Must see in person to get the full affect . Thinking about you sir Cedar , and remember folks, ” Life is short , play with your dog” . Love, timBOYden

WIld and crazy dancing pear table !! Not all tables who wander are lost , just sayin’ … It seems I can relate as of late, I am doing a bit of wandering myself ! This table is a very delicate and lightweight piece , who needs a good home and a very special location fro m which to be admired and viewed !! Happy Sunday friends, dance on , timBOYden

Two new tables just brought up to OUTONALIMB Gallery , both tops are Pear wood , given to me by my good friend Jeff Bandow , thanks Jeff ! Both have inlaid ocean smoothed stones and the first one has an Ammonite also inlaid . The second one is a very wild and crazy fellow , who can’t quite decide which direction to dance in ?? It is a very delicate piece, as its driftwood root legs have eben around a while , it is amazingly lightweight and will need a protected location !! I adore how roots hit stones underground and suddenly just bend around them and change directions as needed , we could learn a lot from roots !!! Love, TIMboyDEN