Monthly Archives: October 2016

Custom desktop delivered last night !! (Cubs night off, ha ha ). The client bought a very nice adjustable metal desk base , remote controlled to switch heights of his desk . This top is about 3 feet wide x 6 feet long and 3 ” thick , it is of course local black walnut !! And it is even nicer than my quick photos show here ! Thank you Walt and Jenine !!! Come talk to me of that special piece you have always desired and dreamed about for your home !!! I’d love to work with you , sincerely, Tim Boyden @ OUTONALIMB GALLERY


Leaf Art and Cubs EXCITEMENT , bringing back memories of my childhood and many Cubs games , and little league Timmy !!!I know you are watching Dad , thanks for everything ! TimmyB

Wild Walnut side table with Driftwood Legs . Thanks, TimB First Friday ARTwalk TONIGHT Oct. 7th .

Standing desk/ Wine tasting leaning table you choose ! Top is a lovely spalted Maple slab with a colorful spare of ocean stones in laid and old reused porch column legs ! Legs could be painted if so desired , though personally I like to see the history myself .

Here are 3 more recently completed benches now residing OUTONALIMB ! 2 are maple and one is walnut, come have a sit and a coffee , Full City is just around the corner ! Gallery is open today, Sunday 9-3 , I will be hanging my October Guest Artist Dana Furgerson , lovely wood carved panels . Thanks, TimB

A whale of a bench / table ,the top is a piece of wood found recently at Bring Recycling , you just never know what you will find at this amazing place !!! My best guess as to its species is perhaps Sycamore , but not certain here , come see what you think ? It’s legs are Ponderosa Pine branches stripped of their bark . Have a fabulous day friends, TimmyB