Monthly Archives: April 2016

A batch of endgrain hardwood cutting boards in process !! 45 to be exact , so far they are all ripped, planed , jointed and laid out , tonight begins the first glue up ! I have a date with Titebond 2 and my clamps tonight !! Pretty exciting Saturday night eh ?? timBOYden


2 New tables just brought up to th gallery yesterday . A client commissioned a cat table , styled after a photo of a piece I did years ago , my cat Kinky was modeling in that photo ! These are both made to allow the cat to sit n style right at window height for working on their tans ! After they choose their favorite , the other table will be for sale ! First piece has a chinquapin top and the other a doug fir top . TimB

NEW creation now up at the gallery !! It is a slice of Yew , no not you !! With a driftwood base , my fAVORITE PART OF THIS IS TEH DETAIL DOWN BELOW, THE LITTLE ANGLED PIECE WITH THE HOLE IN IT , A SMALL PIECE OF ROOT . Enjoy, timmyB

White Oak side table with cedar branch base and inlaid stones. The top was supplied by the client fro this commission , from a tree that was taken down in her yard about 5 years ago . Very gorgeous slice of wood . TimB

Rebuilt willow based side table, mosaic twig top was falling apart , so I tore it off and replaced it with a round big leaf maple top , painted the base black and topped it off with glass and lastly solidified it with a nice big round rock from the coast. enjOY, Tim Boyden

Sculptural things seem to becreeping into the land of sticks and stones and old tree bones AKA OUTONALIMB GALLERY !! ANd Jud’s rabbits seem to be getting along with Tim’s Kitty !!Live Wild, timBOYden

2 NEW creations by the amazing ARTIST Jud Turner @ OUTONALIMB Gallery .