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Recent Article in The Register-Guard May 22 in the Arts Section Advertisements

Western Red Cedar Table and Benches will be dedicated on May 20th at 11am . They are located at the U of O Natural History Museum. Also being deicate are 2 new meatl sculptures by Wayne Chabre, a wolf and an eagle . Tis a weekday but I would love if some of you could come celebrate with me ! Thanks, Tim Boyden! t

Wisdom Learned From MOM !!!! Miss you mom ….Love, Tim

Don’t BElIEVE everything you think !! Displayed upon one of Linda Lu’s beautiful quilted wall hangings .

This is a newly completed coffee table , which you can come see and touch at OUTONALIMB Gallery 191 E. Broadway in your lovely downtown EUGENE, Oregon . The top I am guessing is Doug Fir , but knot certain as I aquired it by being part of a day of cleaning up day at the artist Jan Zach’s studio, he was the head of the sculpture department at the U of O. I was lucky enuf to be asked to be part of a cleanup crew that day to help organzie his studio space and also kindly be able to select some things and take them home to createart with them . It was a most lovely day indeedand I consider myself quite blessed to have been a part of this . I was not able tomeet this amazing artist when he was still with us , but having spent this day at his studio I now feel a pretty strong connection with him !! Tis quite an emotional thing to go thru ones things after . Anyway come by sometime and I will chat wiht you about the wood I brought from that day and share !! Love, Tim Boyden e

Just completed and delivered to OUTONALIMB, Thick Juniper Slab Coffee Table, it must have been a most amazing tree !!!