Monthly Archives: May 2016

AND two more new arrivals as of yesterday , though one has sold , pending how nicely it looks at its new home !! How ’bout that!! Sold the day it arrived , I could get used to that eh ? A Mahogany little bench/ table and an elm bench as well ! Thanks all, timB


A NEWBig Leaf Maple corner table with VERY sexy legs and a large heart !!!COme check her out @ OUTONALIMB GALLERY ! Love, time

New Local Black Walnut bench just arrived at OUTONALIMB GALLERY !! Several more coming soon, need to shoot photos of them still !! Be well friends, TIMboyDEN

Karen Russo Sculpture and Mara Friedman Paintings up at OUTONALIMB gallery as May Guest Artists , they blend together wonderfully , perhaps even more so because they are sisters !! Amazing talent certainly runs in this family !!! Come on down and check it out .Love, Tim Boyden

HUGE new batch of Endgrain Hardwood Art Cutting Boards !!! All one of a kind created from 15 different Hardwoods . Come buy that special gift to brighten your kitchen up or snag that wedding gift you’ve been wondering about ! Thank you, Tim Boyden @ OUTONALIMB Gallery , 191 E Broadway in lovely downtown Eugene !

Hardwood Endgrain Cutting Boards are now being oiled at my home, #26 – 1/2 boards @ 8″x14″, and #32-Full boards @ 14″x 16″. All are 1″thick . They will arrive at OUTONALIMB Gallery late this week, it will take me several days to oil them 4 times then allow them to dry well . They make a nice unique wedding present !!! All are one of a kind built with 10-15 different hardwoods . Thanks, Tim Boyden

Some let us say interesting mirrored shots from OUTONALIMB Gallery , featuring the wonderful creations of Mara Friedman and Karen Russo !!! Must come see these pieces in person , so beautiful and spiritual !Happy Mom’s Day loves, sincerely, TimBOYden