Monthly Archives: October 2013

Red Twig Dogwood and Willow Doll Loveseat

Isn’t Redtwig Dogwood just an amazing color in the wintertime , WOW !!! Advertisements

Painting with Gorgeous Yellow Elm Leaves on Broadway in front of my gallery OUTONALIMB

Mighty Oregon !!

Figured Maple Tall Standing Desk

This is a recently completed commission piece. It is designed to stand at and work at ones computer, heights can vary depending upon ones own height . It is created from a gorgeous piece of local figured maple with a swirl of stones inlaid into the top, set flush so as to not bother anything […]

Commissioned Figured Maple Coffee Table

This is a recent commissioned coffee table created from a beautiful slab of local figured maple. It has Red Cedar branch legs and ocean rocks inlaid into the top .

“The Long and Winding Road “

Beautiful green slab of Poplar with a river of rocks meandering down the center. And nicely accented on each end with 3 silvery gray legs. Could be a coffee table, or could be a bench . I just brought it up to the gallery this morning .

Pelican Sunrise Mirror or Tim with a Bright Idea or how about Tim and the chicken go towards the light !!

A new mirror up at the gallery created from repurposed old cedar fence boards and rusty saw blades . Warning only for the brave at heart, perhaps it should come complete with a tetanus shot !! Be careful cleaning the mirror pLEASE !! What can I say. life is scary sometimes . big LOVE, timmyB

Red Twig Dogwood Welcome

<a href="”&gt; I just completed a new batch of Twig signs !!