Monthly Archives: March 2016

NEW creation frm the one the only Tim Neun !!! Copper bowl table made from lovely maple , with through tenons and butterflies as well . COme down to OUTONALIMB Gallery and check it out , open again WEd 11-5 and Friday is the First Friday Artwalk . Thank you , Tim Boyden


Thank you Kate for coming home to Eugene and sharing your amazing works with us . Kate will be taking her creations back up to Philomath SAturday evenign , LAST CALL for one of these beauties to brighten your walls . Happy spring all, sincerely, Tim Boyden @ OUTONALIMB GALLERY 191 E Broadway in downtown Eugene, Oregon

Freshly painted sayings up at OUTONALIMB Gallery by TIMB

Brought up to gallery today , March 16, 2016 ! Local Big Leaf Maple book matched dining table with ocean stone innlay and glossy black apron and traditional repurposed legs .Come check it out . Tim Boyden

2 more golden willow, wild and whimsical garden fences just completed and I will be building more up @ OUTONALIMB Gallery the next few days !!! Yee ha, TimBOYden

Driftwood Log and Branch Bookshelf with Douglas Fir Shelves , and Happy Owner David Imus , that famous Cartographer fella !! Thanks Dave, Tim Boyden

Several collages I completed yesterday at OUTONALIMB !! Finished acoupla poems also , then had a TREEmenDOUS First Friday Artwalk , wowza , I slept in today , ha ha ….Love, TIMboyDEN