Artist Tim Boyden creates Functional Artisan Furniture, blending Fine Woodworking with naturally wild elements in a Rustic Style. I also make Wild Whimsical repurposed sculptures utilizing items that would otherwise make its way to a landfill. I own a gallery in downtown Eugene, Oregon called OUTONALIMB Gallery, at 191 E. Broadway. Hours are Wed.- Sat. 11-5 and Sun. 9-3. Contact me at rboy@efn.org or tel#(514)342-5937.

      I strive to use locally salvaged or gathered materials whenever possible ! Be it collecting river stones and driftwood along the Willamette River  by my home or at the gorgeous Oregon coast , buying locally harvested and milled trees or by using our cultures broken discarded items . In this way I create pieces that are full of the natural beauty of the great Northwest I live in and can feel good that I am doing little harm to this amazing ecosystem I am blessed to live in !  Sincerely, Tim Boyden





  1. I absolutely love the picture of you over your beloved rocking chair that we now own! The colors have changed a wee bit but if you don’t remember who has it –

    it’s Karen & Lucy!
    86140 garden valley rd
    eugene 97405
    near Mt. Pisgah
    (Lundblad & McIver)

    That rocker is so sturdy, beautiful, one-of-a-kind and safely cared for in our front room!!
    We love you!

    1. Thank you so much, you are very kind and sweet at that and of course I remember you . Love, timmyB

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